A successful club depends on active and supportive members.  While no one need be involved on all club activities, each member is expected to participate in and support some club functions, especially the club fund raising activities. We are not just a place to shoot.

Annual dues are $150 per year, membership renewals are due by January first each year to remain a member in good standing. Members who have volunteered at least 8 hours for the club in the preceding year are entitled to a reduction in annual dues to $50 when their dues payment is accompanied by a Volunteer Service Form  indicating their hours of service. New members must pay a one time initiation fee of $150 + $50 for their first year dues. In subsequent years the member would be subject to the normal dues of $150 / year or $50 with qualifying volunteer hours from the preceding year.

The club has monthly meeting on the last Tuesday on each month (except December) at 7 P.M.  While attendance in not mandatory, members should make an effort to attend some meetings.  This is when business is conducted as well as a great time to socialize and meet other members.  A great light dinner is served at each meeting.

Members are also expected  to strictly adhere to all rules regarding use of the range and should expect others to do so also.  Refusal to follow the rules set by the range committee will result in loss of membership privileges.

For membership information please contact:

Joe & Jan Kittok 
763.972.2989  email

mailing address: Delano Sportsmen’s Club, P.O. Box 394, Delano, MN 55328