Range Rules

  1. Use paper targets ONLY. ( No cans, glass or other items.)
  2. No Posting targets on posts.
  3. No trap shooting.  Except for organized events.
  4. Be sure bullets impact the backstops.
  5. No digging in backstops.
  6. All firing must be done from the firing lines, either the 25, 50 or 100 yd lines.
  7. 50 yd target should be moved off range when not in use.
  8. No intermediate targets between the established firing lines.
  9. Do not shoot at anything on the ground.
  10. Pickup your trash, its your range.  KEEP IT CLEAN!
  11. Check unknown persons for membership cards. 
  12. Non-members are not allowed to use range, unless accompanied by a member.      
  13. Do a SAFETY CHECK down range before firing.
  14. Anyone ABUSING the range rules will lose their membership.